Prologue Chapter: Once and Future

Before being granted a seat at Camelot's Round Table, Sir Tristan was sent on an errand to collect Iseult, an Irish princess who was betroathed to Tristan's uncle, King Mark of Cornwall. During the journey back, Iseult attempts to kill both herself and her abductor with a phial of poison. Iseult's handmaiden, Branwen, switches out the bottles.

Following their return, a series of affairs and misunderstandings ultimately lead to the pair's death. The connection this will have to the rest of the modern-day story remains unseen.

Chapter One: Sadie and Dustin

Our suspicious heroine is skulking around a particular home before being confronted by an ugly, rude, brick-faced monster boy who won't take a hint and go away. If this mundane problem goes on too long, Sadie might have to resort to a desperate solution.