There was a page here, but it's gone now.
There was a page here, but it's gone now.

Site revamp is live! New weekly schedule.

May 30, 2020

The new design is a little cleaner and less obtrusive. Its simplicity is still a valid criticism, but I'll have to live with that. I want to go over the changes in brief, here, and to talk about the change in upload schedule.

First, the Archive button has been placed in line with some more conventional navigation buttons. There is also an About page, which will be updated with refreshers on character and story as the series goes on. It should be helpful, in case a reader sets the comic down for a while and wants to pick it up again, or in case you're just jumping on and need to be caught up. Because we're so early on, this page is pretty bare-bones for now. It's a living document and will be added to as the series carries on. The Social Media links have also been imprisoned in moved to a dedicated page, in the big bold Social button. Finally, there's a dedicated Patreon button (although this was here before). I'm not including advertisements on this site, so currently my only income will be through donations. I use analog media to illustrate the comic, and bristol & ink cost plenty of money on their own. Plus, I'd also like to work towards producing more pages per week, which means dedicating full-time hours to this project. I've got a limited amount of money to live on, so there's a sort of ticking clock in play, and I need to sort out how to make a living from this. I can't seem to help but feel like I'm begging, so I have to keep reminding myself that I'm effectively selling the comic at a 'pay-what-you-want' rate.

If you read Amoreus Maleficarum for a while, and find it entertaining, I hope you'll consider tossing a few dollars per month my way to keep the site up and keep the pages coming. And if you can't afford to, or don't have a way of doing so, no problem. It's honestly just as helpful, or maybe even more helpful, to pass along a link to the site and recommend it to anyone else who may like it.

The navigation buttons have also been doubled, now with a set above and below the pages, it should be more convenient to navigate past a page you've already seen without having to scroll to the top or bottom. The current chapter and page number will appear between them.

Finally, the update schedule is changing. My original plan was to upload 3 pages per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, then build up a stockpile of pages, and hopefully move up to daily updates. With a few personal-life shakeups in the past month, I've missed as many deadlines as I've met. The comic will be updating weekly now, on Saturdays, but I'll post as many comic pages as I can complete within a week. The positives are that:

P.S. In keeping with tradition, this site revamp itself was a day-late. Sue me. Or don't, actually. Please, I'm broke.