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Patreon Incentives!

June 13, 2020

This week's comic is a little short, being just one page. I had two planned, but felt that this scene would work better if it were punctuated by an update instead of jumping straight into the next scene. I'll be moving to a new house in the next week, so, unfortunately, next weekend's might be relatively small as well. I'll aim to have at least two pages ready though.

I've been saying "I'll get around to it" about Patreon incentives for a while now. But I'm actually really going to get around to it this week. No more BS.

My site stats show that a few dozen unique readers are here each week, so if you're reading and can't contribute financially, I don't want you to feel guilty or left out. I do appreciate your readership, and appreciate it immensely. Amoreus Maleficarum is a passion project, and doing my own comic is something I've been putting off doing for most of my life, so knowing that someone is taking the time to read it means so much to me that I can't possibly overstate it. Thank you.

At the risk of sounding desperate or nagging, please share the comic on social media or by sending it directly to anyone who you think might enjoy reading it as well.