There was a page here, but it's gone now.
There was a page here, but it's gone now.

Karmic Justice

July 25, 2020

The windows in my new apartment look out over a large church and the park behind it. In fact, I can see clear to the horizon. It's a pleasant view. Earlier this month, when fireworks were being set off, I could watch them comfortably from my desk. The forecast for this week has called for thunderstorms twice, and twice, we didn't get them. As I write this, on Friday evening, heavy bruise-coloured clouds are marching across the sky, and I hope tonight's the night for the light show. Being able to sit in my living room and sip coffee while watching the lightning seems like it would be a nice way to spend the evening.

Post-Script. 7:58 AM, Saturday; there was no thunderstorm, not even a good shower. I feel as if nature is taunting me, promising a great show and then repeatedly failing to deliver.